Window Cleaning

Kains Cleaning Service specializes in cleaning your Windows by hand, we have perfected the our skills over the 25+ years we have been servicing customers in the greater Sydney Area.

We will clean your windows in and out, fly screens, window sills and remove any of those hard to reach unsightly cobwebs from your window frames.

Kains Cleaning has also perfected the process of cleaning extremely high windows by using our leading class deionised water pole system that makes cleaning any window an easy task.

We encounter with new home builds or even renovated homes that paint can also be a major problem. We can easily remove any paint marks that you may have on your windows without scratching your glass!

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Why pick Kains to clean your windows?

We differ from the competition based on the integrity of our brand and this is delivered to our customers through the following

  1. We always make sure to enter any home we service without wearing steelcap boots/shoes
  2. We ensure that our towels are freshly cleaned and do not stain or mark your windows and floors in any way
  3. All our team members take pride in their work and enjoy working with customers in their local community

We don’t believe in cleaning with micro-fibre cloths!

So many window cleaners in the market use a tiny microfiber cloth to clean large windows that give a second rate finish.

We use lambswool applicators to agitate the dirt and grime on your window with a bio degradeable detergent.

We then hand squeegee your window and dry all sides of the window frame with freshly cleaned high quality towels.

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Why Choose Kains Cleaning?


Our Location

Kains Cleaning will provide all of our customers with Free onsite Quoting – We will send you an outlined quote with scope of work to be completed to your personal email. To organize a Free Quote please contact us by either phone, email or submit a form via the Contact Us page.
Most residential and commercial Kains Cleaning customers get there house or windows cleaned every 3-6 months. The frequency of this will depend on the environment on where your house is located (bush setting, freeways, beach side etc)
Kains Cleaning specializes on exterior and interior window and high pressure cleaning – we can provide you with options for domestic cleaning.
Kains Cleaning will accept the following forms of payment : Direct Debit, Direct Credit, Personal Cheque, Cash