Solar Panel, Gutter & Shade Sail Cleaning

Kains Cleaning has vast experience in cleaning many different types of Solar Panels, Gutters and Shade Sails.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are great collectors of dirt and mould – over time this can build up and have a large impact on the efficiency of your Solar Panel.

Not maintaining the cleanliness of your Solar Panel will affect its ability to collect sunlight.

We use our soft wash lances and nozzles to remove all barriers from the solar panel – this will also add years to the longevity of your Solar Panel and ensure you wont have to be charged hefty fees for replacements and repairs.


Gutters can be a constant cause of repair for home and property owners – this is magnified if you live around dense bush areas where your gutters are magnets for branches, leafs and bushy debris.

Kains Cleaning will ensure your gutters are removed of all large debris and additionally we will wash your gutters with a small pressure hose and gaurantee your drain pipes are thoroughly washed through and flowing freely.

We find gutters contain silt and smaller debris matter that if not attended to over time, will build up and clog your downpipes.

We also work with Gutter Guards – Gutter Guards can be great to help prevent the blockage of your drains, but like any external part of your home over time they can break down and eventually end up as a trap for smaller debris.

We will work with your gutter guards to scoop out and remove hard to reach blockages that you may not be able to clear yourself.

Shade Sails

These can break down over time and customers unwittingly spend large amounts on replacing these sails without looking at a cheaper and effective option of bringing new life into them via a thorough clean.   

We use our soft wash method to remove all dirt from your shaid sails and revitalise many different colours of shaid sails with our bio-degradebale cleaning solution.

We clean all types of Shade Sails such as:

  • Anchored large or small shade sails
  • Drop down and automatic shade blinds
  • Private or Commercial Shade Sails
  • Electronic Vergoloas and Pergolas
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Kains Cleaning will provide all of our customers with Free onsite Quoting – We will send you an outlined quote with scope of work to be completed to your personal email. To organize a Free Quote please contact us by either phone, email or submit a form via the Contact Us page.
Most residential and commercial Kains Cleaning customers get there house or windows cleaned every 3-6 months. The frequency of this will depend on the environment on where your house is located (bush setting, freeways, beach side etc)
Kains Cleaning specializes on exterior and interior window and high pressure cleaning – we can provide you with options for domestic cleaning.
Kains Cleaning will accept the following forms of payment : Direct Debit, Direct Credit, Personal Cheque, Cash